danielle gerber

dmg designs

Portland, ME

Danielle named her fabricated sterling silver "Scale Veil" and it is intended for a wedding ceremony. The headpiece has 10 scales which move independently but never leave each others’ side, like the lovers they adorn. 

Her inspiration for this piece came from the endangered animal, the pangolin. She was inspired by their plight and beauty to craft this piece and bring awareness to her community. This species is the world's only scaly mammal. They curl into a ball to use their scales as protection. 

The 'Scale Veil' is representative of protecting oneself from the outer world. There are 10 scales on the veil for the decades of commitment a couple is embarking on together. Every scale represents a year, gradually getting larger to show growth of their bond. During the ceremony the veil is flipped to the back of the head, a metaphor for letting your partner into your protected world, and removing any barriers between you.




Danielle Gerber is a local Maine Artisan. She grew up on the coast of New Hampshire and moved to Maine to obtain her BFA in metals and jewelry from the Maine College of Art. As a diversely trained metalsmith she crafts jewelry, sculptures and home wares; which she sells at stores and craft shows throughout New England. In 2016 Danielle was awarded American Craft Week’s Rising Stars: 30 Exceptional Craftspeople Under 30 Award, for her raised metal sculptures. Most recently she was awarded an emerging artisan studio equipment grant from the Maine Crafts Association.

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