Hanna Traynham, 29

Turning Earth Studios

Portland, OR

My porcelain sculptures are wheel thrown, altered and carved. I shape each wet piece with my hands and pierce through the leather hard forms, intricately removing material to create a weightless movement. The most compelling element of my work occurs during the high temperature firing of the atmospheric wood kiln. My fragile pieces slump with the heat causing the forms to take on very organic gestures, capturing yet another type of movement. I surrender my precise work to the natural elements of wood ash and flame. Each piece is entirely unique due to the nature of this process, embracing transience and imperfection. I find great fulfillment in the creation of my work and will continue to push the limits of the contemporary ceramics field. My work subtly relates to the way many of us approach our lives. We often strive for control over unpredictable circumstances, grappling with the unexpected beauty that results beyond our comprehension.




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