Tricia Taylor, 24

Tricia Taylor Ceramics

Berea, KY

My favorite memories of childhood are of the times spent in my grandmother’s garden. My grandmother was an artist who painted watercolors of her favorite flowers. Although I do not share my grandmother’s green thumb and power to make things grow, I do share her admiration for flowers. To this day when I am in a garden in bloom, I am struck by its beauty and power to evoke memories of my past. Flowers have the potential to be associated with innocence, femininity, and ephemeral moments. They also have the potential to bring me back to a moment in time. When I create, I glorify the memories and priceless moments that are symbolized by my flowers. My work is nostalgic, borrowing from a feeling that is both poignant and sweet. I am often reminded about the frailty evident in floral forms. This fragility inspires my work; each flower symbolizes the tenacious hold that I have over the fleeting moments in my life. This emphasized impermanence of a moment, the significance of memories passed, provided fruitful terrain for my work.


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