Sue Rosengard

Sue Rosengard Jewelry Design, Ltd.

Chicago, IL

After graduating the University of Illinois with a BA in French, Sue started working for Air Canada, first in Chicago, then NYC.  With one of her NYC colleagues, she went to the New School and took an adult-ed metalsmithing class, and fell in love with it. Sue sold her first pair of earrings at a Columbus Avenue street fair the following summer and never looked back. However, upon returning to Chicago, she still had numerous jobs with the airline. The most challenging job was as a weight and balance agent. She made sure the plane wasn’t too heavy to take off, or wouldn’t fall on its wing if too much cargo or baggage was on one side. Sue left the airline in 1992 and has been a self-employed designer/maker ever since. She measures her success as supporting herself for twenty-five years, have employees, surviving the recession, and developing wonderful relationships with her customers.


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