Renee calder

mck design

Huntersville, NC

I strive to bring personality into each piece - to engage the viewer with the unexpected. Focusing mostly on the combination of “found objects”, where the mundane becomes something more, engaging the viewer to take a second look. To see things in a different way, challenging our notions of the use of materials and prompt a new perception of ordinary things that surround us. What one discards or chooses to view as not usable becomes a challenge to redefine or resurrect to be useful or beautiful once again.

Using metal, clay, wood and found objects, I acts as a sort of a visual alchemist. The beginning is the search for what others shed from their lives or the lives of their family. Hunting through barns, old homes and the occasional scrap yard, I am always looking for the right amount of rust/patina, old paint and of course interesting pieces that will meld well with ceramic. Each week I create a possibility box and start to design through either hand building clay or throwing a piece on the wheel. Through texturing the clay, unique process of using oxides, stains, oil based crayons as after firing techniques, I can add a rich layer of color or aging to match the metal I will add to the piece.