Kirsten Olson, 26

K. Olson Ceramics

Harrisburg, PA

My inspiration as a ceramic artist is strongly grounded in anthropology, particularly cultural customs, ceremonies and rituals. I create utilitarian ceramic ware that is inspired by Northern Native design. My background in anthropology has shaped the way I see and work with clay. I have reinterpreted my anthropological knowledge in my art by utilizing visual elements of northern ethnographic material. The vessels I create not only contain the food and drink that nourish, but also contain the ideas of culture and community. It is important for me that my work reflects this idea and that it is rich in form and inviting to use. Utilitarian ceramics are unique in their ability to draw people together as they share in nourishment, ideas, and community. Handmade pottery serves as a reminder of the time-honored rituals, processes, and objects that embellish and enrich our daily lives.


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