Keeper Nott, 26

Keeper's Glass

Anchorage, AK

Glass is a full-contact sport. In the glass studio, you're working in a fast-paced, hot, sweaty, and stressful environment, taking incredible amounts of physical and mental endurance, and the glass is certainly not a forgiving material; it pushes back. My love for glass is rooted in its kinetic nature; I am compelled by the movement of the glass and how my movements relate to and affect the material. Glass exactly captures the environment that it was created in. Every effort, movement, and touch of the artist is frozen in time, reflected in the final piece. My palette consists of the densest, brightest, and most expressive complementary and contrasting colors. Colors that can compete for attention, support each-other, or direct and redirect one-another. So that I can focus on addressing the design within each piece, I work within a series of simple, three-dimensional forms that I approach like canvases. I am exploring through my own physicality the limits to which I can push my medium, my design, and myself. Each one of my pieces are individually informed by my existence, and by the circumstances surrounding me during the process; remember, the final piece always captures an exact snapshot of its creation.


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