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NEW YORK | Eduardo Milieris


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Watchcraft Mosaic Collection

Steel, sterling silver, copper, brass

Watch face approx. 1.25" diameter, band size adjustable

Handcrafted quartz watch made with steel washer embellished with sterling silver, copper and brass recycled scrap metal riveted one by one on to the washer in a mosaic pattern. Watchband is Nickel Free, distressed and oxidized solid jeweler's brass with a textured sterling silver trim. Limited edition of 200, signed and numbered.

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Eduardo Milieris

Born in 1960 in Montevideo, Uruguay, I remember as my first artistic influence, an exhibit of the work of Alexander Calder. Just after the show I was inspired to paint my sunny-side-ups, and convert them into clocks. I have remained deeply influenced by Calder's universe, and today my use of nails as rivets evokes the jewelry that he created. The decision not to seal the distressed and oxidized metals, with a protective finish, allows the wearer of the watch to become a participant in the evolution of the piece. The air, the temperature, and the skin of the wearer all change the inherent molecular structure of the metals, and the end result is a watch that is most uniquely their own.