NEW HAMPSHIRE | Thomas Meyers

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NEW HAMPSHIRE | Thomas Meyers


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First Light

Glass Mosaic Assemblage

3 Panels,  4”W x 20”H each

Hand cut glass precisely assembled in wood framed panels. Some of the iridescent and luster finished glass are drawn on using scratch board technique with a kiln fired vitreous paint. Relief is made with glass and brass in areas and there two 2” and one 4" mirror insets.

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Thomas Meyers

The process of creating this current work unites three disciplines: collage, stained glass and mosaic. This unique art form uses various iridescent, painted and textured sheet glass, hand cut and precisely set onto a framed wood panel. My innate style of designing by collage, which was first used assembling works of paper, is the technique I finds most natural and spontaneous.