MONTANA | Trudi Gilliam

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MONTANA | Trudi Gilliam


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Looking Towards the West

Copper, brass, sea glass & acrylic paint

24"W X 17"H

Looking Towards the West is a mixed media weaving of copper, brass, sea glass and acrylic paint capturing the vibrant colorful western landscape in a non-traditional way.

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Trudi Gilliam

Trudi Gilliam is a prolific artist who works in copper, brass, sea glass and acrylic paints. Using oxygen and acetylene gases, Trudi combines the copper, brass and nickel silver to create her one-of-a-kind, distinctly colored works of sculpture. The colors are achieved by using various chemicals to create patinas, and by applying thin layers of acrylic paint. Her interests in sea life, hiking and enjoying the outdoors is reflected in her work. Animals from both land and sea are represented with the artist's usual sense of whimsy. Trudi is an avid beach and river comber, so her work often incorporates her found objects like driftwood, sea glass and stones.