MINNESOTA | Judith Kinghorn

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MINNESOTA | Judith Kinghorn


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Chrysanthemum Brooch

Sterling Silver & 24k Gold

3"L x 3"W x .75"H

This 3 dimensional chrysanthemum is comprised of heavy layers of sterling silver and 24 karat gold fused together and embossed with hand etched plates.

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Judith Kinghorn

I am drawn to forms and shapes arising from both the natural and man-made worlds and I seem to store them as an internal inventory. My work is about transforming these visual impressions into objects of beauty. My process is essentially intuitive and I fabricate directly in the metals without sketches. Then I work responsively to form pieces from an array of the metals and stones. Much like ancient jewelry artists, many of my pieces are made by using a mouth torch to fuse heavy layers of gold and sterling silver.