LOUISIANA | Mark Rosenbaum

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LOUISIANA | Mark Rosenbaum


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Fireworks Vase #3

Blown glass

9"L x 3.5"W x 14.5"H

Blown glass with layers of colored glass. Inclusions of murrini, dichroic glass, adventurine and glass starbursts are added to create the feeling of a fireworks display in the night sky.

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Mark Rosenbaum

Glassblowing is much akin to a dance; the artist moves with respect and knowledge of the partner. Each has an important contribution to the final piece, but only one will lead - the artist. The dance, when completed, yields an object that was only conceived in one's imagination or on paper, a tangible work as a result of collaboration between artist and material.

After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Tyler School of Art, Mark Rosenbaum became the first recipient of a Master of Fine Arts in glassblowing from Tulane University. Awarded a grant by the Louisiana Division of the Arts, he established the first privately owned glassblowing studio in the state of Louisiana.