Mattawan, MI

Creativity and art was a part of my life from a very young age. In my early childhood years my Dad, who was an adding machine repairman, kept me busy taking apart junk adding machines. I was fascinated by the complex engineering, the gears and linkages that made these things work. Later in my teen years I worked on cars. My early 20’s I began assisting a sculptor who worked with found objects. The culmination of all my early experiences led me to what I do today. The scrap material lent itself perfectly to my creative bio-mechanical style.

Sculptures are created through different forms of metal arc welding. Cutting, grinding, buffing, and sandblasting, are processes also incorporated into the work. Ideas are not necessarily sketched in advance; however, an outline is drafted in my head and then I search for the shapes and designs within scrap parts to bring those ideas to life. Other elements that are taken into consideration are tone, texture and even weight of the material to be used. On many occasions, a single shape or part will inspire and become the building block of a whole Idea.