Sophie Kennedy, 23

Studio 144 Ceramics

Seagrove, NC

My personal vision as an artist is centralized around material and process. Ceramics is an optimal medium for expressive mark making. The mark making aspect is essential to me as a maker and brings my personal touch to each piece. By hand building ceramics, coil-by-coil, I leave my own unique marks. I focus on the human form as well as using repetitive imagery as a means of production and exploration. The repetitive figures are another focal point for leaving my distinctive mark through an unmistakable face. The faces are built in a quick and strategic fashion aiding in being recognizable. Function comes into play when I add handles to the unexpected, suggesting or actually giving an object purpose. As a maker, with intent to create an impacting body of work, I hope my work brings joy and celebrates the handmade through my touch.


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