Max Macsai Kaplan, 25

Macsai Kaplan

Fort Bragg, CA

Max Macsai Kaplan’s approach in producing work is to create synapses between clean modern design and a strong tradition of craftsmanship. Kaplan’s work fits into a new work of craft that has left behind the traditionally visible marks of the maker, while maintaining the handmade feel. His work has been strongly influenced by the locales in which he has resided, pulling from the stark lines found in the southern California desert and the intensely beautiful wood grain found in the northern California redwood forests. Kaplan has fused these influences and more to create a unique category of work that not only holds beauty within its form but in its material use. While living and working in Mendocino County, Kaplan has shown in galleries and museums across the country as well as design fairs. He recently finished an Artist in residence at Anderson Ranch where his work began to expand into a variety of media.


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