Anna Johnson, 27

Anna Johnson Jewelry

Asheville, NC

My jewelry is a tribute to holistic life cycles, intra-nature relationships, and nature-human connectivity. Through a platform of adornment I strive to highlight the grace and complexity that is present in the vast array of organisms that make up our natural world. I am drawn to collecting, inspecting, making, and nature. Natural forms make up my work and speak to the compositions I create. Through various metalsmithing techniques such as casting and metal fabrication, I make fragile life forms permanent and create small ecosystems that are worn on the body. My goal is through the act of wearing these objects that they will accentuate the wearer as well as create a bond between the life forms and those who interact with it; draw light to their value and beauty through interpretations with precious metal and stones. The lines of a jaw bone are complex and delicate, the skeleton of a seedpod, which once held within it hundreds of seeds, is now veins of lace. The heart gripping beauty that grows and lives all around us is so expansive and my perhaps lofty endeavor is to capture fragments of this intense and intentional life.


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