john guertin

heart & eagle company

Grand Rapids, MI

Saw these ancient barns falling down, being burned or smashed by excavators. Remains of of the great American primeval forests, being tossed aside, without reverence. Worked in advertising. Realized that this material was a remarkable resource, to make a great plea for conservation and the environment. Materials to be turned into birdhouses, bat houses and bird feeders. Marshall McLuhan: "the medium is the message." Have been at it now, 20 plus years.

We salvage the remains of ancient barns, the exterior siding, reclaim, repair, return it to utility.

Our designs celebrate Victorian, Gothic, Colonial patterns. Birdhouses made like furniture, solid, carefully crafted, branded in colonial style with blacksmith forge irons. Six step finishing process to protect them from the elements. Final coat, marine varnish for waterproofing. Exterior use. Will last for years out of doors.