joan Rhodes

joan's jewelry box

Boiling Springs, PA

I am intrigued by pretty cubes of glass from a broken windshield and beautiful aqua blue canning jars. I find beauty in these elements. I use the glass cubes in mosaic patterns. Sometimes I make cabochons of the glass in my kiln. The resulting shapes tell me what they need to be. For example "My Catawampus Heart"inspired the design based on the oddly shaped heart at the center of the piece. Combining recycled silver with recycled glass results in a unique and beautiful earthy result.

I create my settings in a medium called silver metal clay which combines micro-fine particles of recycled silver, water and a binder. I make textures in the clay before firing the settings from organics such as leaves, flowers and wild grasses. When sculpted and fired in a kiln the result is pure silver. In earrings, I make a cabochon of broken safety glass in combination with resin. I also fire pieces of safety glass to make cabochons which are then set in the silver settings. For the blue canning jar bracelet's arced shape, I made an oval wrist form from plaster of paris and placed the glass on it to take the correct shape when fired in the kiln. Before setting the glass the silver has been sanded, hand polished and is some cases have a liver of sulfur patina.