jason lyons arts

Harrisburg, PA

First, it is the organic nature and shapes found in many of the vintage man-made objects I use in my sculptures. This correlation between them and many organic shapes found in nature serves as an inspiration for me and how easily they can be transformed in to the organic figures I create. Secondly, I am truly inspired by the history of the materials themselves. In that, I choose to honor the materials from that kid that did not destroy their childhood toy truck or who pruned a tree to a point that hand indentations can be found in the handle.

Many of my sculptures begin with a single part that serves as initial inspiration for a piece. I then gather materials and brainstorm on techniques for the piece. It is not uncommon for this stage to in the process to take years. Normally, when I stumble on a certain part will then begin to work on the piece. At this point I have such a distinct vision in my head that I do not sketch or draw anything out other than the use of anatomical references. I then literally begin with the major components and frame work essentially working out the weights and balance, durability , strength considerations etc...all that is incorporated in order to create a freestanding sculpture. I then , literally fill in or "accessorize" the space in between creating the many details that serve to tie my sculptures together creating a cohesive seamless form for the viewer.