Amber D. Harrison, 28

Amber D. Harrison Studio

Ann Arbor, MI

I look at my pieces as individual time capsules: vessels containing meaning and memories. Nostalgia, place, interaction, and ritual are all facets I incorporate within the objects to create curiosity. Each sculpture is carefully planned but I allow the material to direct me while I am working. Metal is a kind of poetry, becoming malleable under heat, easy to form, even to the point of fluidity, but returns solid and strong again after it is cooled and worked. These sculptures are vignettes of the “everyday extraordinary.” The emphasis of metal within my work as the primary material intentionally relates to the preservation of traditional craft as well as being the best functional choice. My sculptures are decorative objects, but many incorporate detailed kinetic engineered parts such as hinged table wings, or turning faucets knobs. The details of an object that I am memorializing whether it is form, color, or function are equally important to me. These are moments with objects we tend to overlook which shape us and make us. Moments that I am making small-scale monuments for out of the most fitting material, metal.


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