Georgia rowswell

blue door arts

Cheyenne, WY

When I moved to Wyoming 10 years ago, I was fascinated by the state's geology. I knew it would become a central theme in my work as I searched for my artistic voice in the West. Textiles have always been a part of my creative life and I liked the contrast of interpreting ancient, time worn geological formations with soft and transient textiles. I also had just moved to the state and didn't have all my art supplies with me yet so it was a bit of , "necessity is the mother of invention."

I use thrift store purchases, donations or rescued clothing and household textiles in my work. I enjoy hunting for just the right colors, textures and patterns for whatever piece I am working on. Once all my textiles are assembled, I cut them into strips or make "fabric sandwiches" which are also cut into strips and then assembled in a custom built box frame or a salvaged drawer. The strips are held together with an archival adhesive using a process I developed called compressed fabric.