Darlene eisenhuth

R.U.S.T.(Repurposed Unique Salvaged Treasures)

South Newfane, VT

I've always found beauty in the warmth of a piece of weathered barn wood and the texture of rusted iron. While examining artifacts from the past, it was clear that the quality and craftsmanship was superior to what is produced today. These items deserve a more respectable fate than death in a landfill.

My interest in the changes that occur to a piece through time turned into an admiration for salvaged wood and metal. That quickly morphed into a passion that has become my art. Every piece that we create is almost entirely made from salvaged and recycled materials.

R.U.S.T. is a husband and wife team. I am a joyful junker who sees endless possibilities in the worn out and rusted. My husband is the practical workhorse that turns the vision into reality.

My process begins with an insanely large collection of door knobs, tools, farm implements, gadgets and miscellaneous "I have no idea what it was in a past life" pieces. I am on an endless quest for rusty treasures. Masonry trowels become faces. Snowshoes become fish.

Sometimes a piece speaks to me, and I know immediately that the crushed factory belt guard looks like an alligator head. Then, the search begins for a gator body, tail and teeth. The more likely scenario is that I ponder a piece, gather possible additions, and then one by one subtract them until it finally comes together.

We hope that our art inspires " out of the box" thinking and brings a smile.