cindy wynn


Key West, FL

When I was a kid I collected all kinds of detritus. I remember holding a handful of shiny things to show a 3rd grade teacher as I announced that I intended to build a power plant. Years later in college I took a break from concentrating on ceramics to take a welding and fabrication sculpture course. The teacher sent us to a local scrap metal yard for materials. There I felt my brain catch fire. Since that day over 30 years ago I have been working with recycled metal, glass and wood.

Sometimes I have an idea for a piece, sometimes the materials have it. I am open to either. Once the idea happens I wander through the materials I have collected over the years finding those pieces that I can modify to complete the work. I find that the finished pieces I am most pleased with often have components that I collected years ago along with those I have just found. It’s as if the newly collected things excite the older pieces. I like my work, I love my materials. I will not use some of my most "precious" pieces until they fit into a project so perfectly that I have a small chemical reaction at the base of my brain.