Becky Burnette, 24

Canton, NC

From early in my life I have been a maker. I love finding the beauty and simple elegance in everyday items. I found my career path when I realized that every object, every texture, every piece of anything that I came into contact with, became a potential piece of art. Making jewelry soothes my soul and gives purpose to my life. Sometimes I will have two or three projects going on at one time. I find myself lost in each piece and there is always a new challenge to face. I work with sterling silver and the occasional everyday object such as a button. I create some traditional style pieces but most of the pieces I make are a reflection of the mountains I grew up in and the flora and fauna that are found in the area. Each one of my creations is one of a kind and each has its own personality. I strive to have meaning in all of the things I make. I love what I do and I feel blessed every day that I get to realize my dreams and make my mark on the world.


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