Message from the Curators

The Masterpiece Artists in this exhibit were selected by the nine-member National American Craft Week Committee. With over two hundred combined years of experience in all aspects of the craft industry, they worked to create a dynamic combination of extraordinary talent, local flavor, and a wide spectrum of media. The Committee hopes that every person who visits this E-xhibit will be inspired, entertained, and excited about today’s wonderful world of American Craft.

Meghan Blake-Horst, Wisconsin
Heather Lawless, Connecticut
Sherry Masters, North Carolina
Rani Richardson, Florida
Greg Worden, Vermont

P J Heyman, Pennsylvania
Cari Luchau, North Dakota
Jennifer Raines, Virginia
Diane Sulg, North Carolina

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American Craft Week is produced by the nonprofit trade association CRAFT - Craft Retailers and Artists for Tomorrow. The goal is to place handmade American craft in a national spotlight by asking everyone in the industry to join together for ten days each October to produce events which invite the general public to see, make, purchase and appreciate handmade goods.

You can learn more about American Craft Week at our website, This Masterpiece E-xhibit & Sale benefits America’s craft artists as well as American Craft Week, and specifically our need for a more powerful and user-friendly website. We appreciate everyone’s support!