troy odom

old time print shop

Mountain View, AR

For his ACW contest entry Troy’s first thought was to utilize some antique wood type to produce the “10” image. He selected a folded note card for the piece and chose a royal blue card stock on which to print the image. He selected gold embossing to contrast with the blue. The Roman numeral X was printed overlapping in both portrait and landscape so a note can be written with the card oriented in either direction. The dark blue paper color requires the note be written using a silver or gold Sharpie™ marker, either of which would contrast wonderfully with the royal blue card.

Troy Odom’s art of relief printing was sparked over 40 years ago with a high school print class. He said “the smell of the ink” gets you hooked. There was an old letterpress in the classroom and upon seeing it he was truly inspired and knew then what he wanted to with my life. After retiring from a career as a graphic design instructor, Troy was blessed with the opportunity to be a part of a working printing museum in Arkansas. He is doing what he loves, practicing and honing the craft of relief printing and sharing it and its rich history with our visitors. He says, “now, after a full career in the printing field, I can slow down and appreciate letterpress printing as an art form.”

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