maggie jones

turtle island pottery

Black Mountain, NC

For the American Craft Week contest, Maggie submitted a pair of fun handmade mugs. The pair literally has “handles” with 10 digits, and 10 fingers. Also they are made by her hands with 10 digits, in other words, 10 fingers!

Maggie Jones of Turtle Island Pottery has been making handmade ceramic sculpture and pottery in the mountains of North Carolina since 1984.  Inspired by the natural world around her Maggie’s pottery is distinctive with her additions of animals, birds or flowers added to vessel forms.  Her ceramics often have fluted sides, or the petals of a flower adorning the lid of a jar, and in this way Maggie pays homage to her surroundings.  Some pieces have an elegant art nouveau feeling and others have whimsical human touches of arms as a mug handle or feet for the base of a mug.  

Maggie has loved and explored ceramic art since high school and has traveled and taken workshops across the country. She is a member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild and a regular artist at the Catawba Valley Pottery Festival, now in it’s 22nd year. Maggie’s showroom is open to the public and there you’ll see a large variety of one of a kind pieces. Her website also is a good place to start!

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