gerald tobola

Copper shade tree

Round Top, Tx

About his contest entry, Gerald wrote “As I contemplated the theme, I couldn't help but think of the changes that we have seen over the past ten years in the craft world.”

Gerald’s work is inspired by nature, foliage and season changes. In creating the artwork for this great occasion he crafted another of his signatures pieces, "Forest Floor" and incorporated Fall ginkgo leaves to create a contrast. He crafted each leaf separately from copper then used acids to oxidize the copper, as well as, other finishes to achieve desired colors. There are a few other copper surprises throughout the piece.

His piece is summed up by this statement: This is "10" years of watching the seasons of fine craft change for the love of American Craft.

Gerald Tobola is a self-taught artist. In 2003 he left the corporate world and transitioned from hobbyist to full time artisan. He works exclusively in copper. Gerald's first work was one of necessity as he explains, "I had a mesquite lamp that needed a shade, and in my mind had to be copper." Gerald found he was drawn to copper - a material that is malleable and forgiving but its surface unpredictable, each piece reacting to its environment and developing its own unique patina. His works have progressed from simple lamp shades to reliefs and 3-dimensional objects to include ornaments, luminaries and outdoor art. Gerald Tobola feels his work is just beginning to evolve, an evolution enhanced by the collaborative efforts of the artists of Craftsman Redefined.

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