chris armstrong


Nashville, TN

Chris entry into the contest is “Sleeping Bunnies.” They are felted wool with floral wire armature. He tells us that these rabbit parents have 10 little ones. It is quite a task to get 10 little ones to bed, or to do anything, for that matter. Their look of pure love and tenderness is tempered with a touch of terror and exhaustion as they watch their loved ones sleep. Except for the one on the end. She is the one who waits for her parents to leave and turn out the lights so that whispered fun can begin. There is always one!

Chris learned to needle felt in 2004 at his daughter's Waldorf School. Everyone enjoyed what he made and said he had “the knack.” After making felted items for a few months, Chris set it aside for 10 years. Then five years ago, he took it up again with dedication. Since then, he has acquired an enthusiastic group of fans and collectors who make his infrequent craft fairs rewarding and enjoyable. Everyone smiles when they see what he’s made, and that is his joy!

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