Carole kitchel bellew

Piermont, NH

For the ACW contest she says, “Ten is ten, I took it literally and created a 10.” The glaze she chose for the two stoneware vases reflects the solidarity and strength gained in ten years and it also encompass change and growth. In the second photo, Carole says, “I tried to capture the joy of the anniversary since 10 years is a real cause for celebration, so I accented my piece with floral fireworks!”

Throughout her life Carole has come to realize she is happiest when she is creating. As a very tactile person she prefers to work in three dimensions because the feel of her creation accounts for a lot of the pleasure. She began her creative life as a metalsmith in the 70’s, then moved on to discover stone carving in the 90’s which she still continues to do. Recently she began focusing on clay. She sees a definite challenge to consider the limitations and practicalities of a functional piece rather than just letting her inner creative voice sing. She is discovering that being an artist as well as a functional potter is possible, because she realizes her joy is in the creation whatever the end result.

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